Pretty in Pink!

Pink. Stereotypically a “woman’s” color. However we don’t always have to fret about being too “girly”. Pink can be interpreted in so many ways! I personally love pink, even though half my closet is filled with dark colors – no lie. Here are some ways I interpret pink into my life!

#1 Makeup

I usually leave pink for my blusher when I do my makeup routine. I have slightly yellow teeth (thanks to my coffee addiction) and when I wear a pink lip, it outlines my teeth 😭. However I found this amazing hack to get the perfect pink that tricks the eye that you have pearly white teeth. 

Firstly, I prime my lips with some Mac prep + prime lip to smoothen the texture of my lip. 

Nextly, (here comes the hack) I dabble some cool tone red lipstick onto my lips. You don’t need to much, just enough to see a slight tint. The reason for this is because blue sits right opposite of yellow in the color wheel, meaning blue tends to cancel out any yellow. 

Lastly, I top it off with a dab of my favorite pink lip for that final touch 🙂 

Try this hack out and tell me how it goes!

I made a video explaining this hack. Sorry for the bad quality 🙂

#2 Furniture 

I love dark timber in my room because it looks clean and polished, however it could darken my room really quick and could make my mood go from 100-0 real quick. To add a pop of color, I bought this rose gold lamp! I’m in love with this and the way in contrast dark and light. Plus it is really pleasing to the eye 😌

#3 Makeup… Again

Having products with pink packaging makes me in the mood for makeup! Pink is an easy way to get your everyday makeup look together. I wake up very early for school and pink allows me to look awake and much more healthier because nobody is Beyoncé and can “wake up like this – FLAWLESS”! I just brush on some blush for that healthy cheek and a pink lip for a cute look 🙂 have fun with your makeup and never take it too serious because it always comes off at the end of the day! 

I was in inspired to make this post because I heard about #glossierpink! I’m definetly inlove with their mantra: “skin first, makeup second, smile always.” Check out their Pinterest page to be inspired to incorporate pink into your life! And lastly definetly check out their website for amazing products!