Fab or Fad? Nars Creamy Concealer

You may already know this concealer because what ever YouTube video you watch, there is a 75% chance they will be using this concealer. Do I agree with this hype? HELL YES! Here’s why:

First of all, I have never been a fan of concealers because sometimes it would leave my under eyes creasy. However, this does not! It just blends to perfection and covers every inch of my dark circles. I don’t even use too much! I only apply two dots around my eyes and a little does go a long way! 

Second of all, it is so versitile because I use this concealer for an eye primer, concealer (duh!) and spot concealer.

However there is a down side for this product. The shade collection isn’t very versitile. It was a hard time picking out whether I am a “ginger” or a “custard” shade, because one either too light or too dark. I decided to go with ginger, the darker shade (close to my skin tone) because I wanted an easy way to do my makeup without putting on foundation. I would just have to conceal where needed. I will definetly have to go get the shade “ginger” if I want a more highlighted undereye look 🙂 

Overall, for the price point, it does whatever a concealer is suppose to do. Now, after using this concealer, I beliebe concealer is important for your makeup kit.