Fab or Fad? Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

So before you decide to purchase this highly hyped and expensive translucent powder, I have something to say.

In my opinion, I barely even use this loose powder because it makes my foundation cakey! I have tried putting it on with my beauty blender and with a fluffy brush, but nothing works. I have not tried baking with this because tbh I do not have the balls to take a ton of this product for one makeup look since its VERY expensive! Also, the packaging is hard to work around with because I always mistakenly spill some.

However, when I do use it, I tend to only apply it on my nose area because that is where I usually  get oily.

So the verdict is, if you want to try this product, purchase the travel size to try this out before you splurge on the full size…like me 😦

If you have tried this product, leave a comment below of what you think!