The Body Shop: The Drops of Youth Review

Ok. First of all, this product is fucking gold. They are expensive and hard to get. These goodies claim to leave you skin looking smoother, fresher and healthier. The prices are: sleeping mask (£24), youth cream (£20), essence-lotion (£14) and drops of youth concentrate (£25). Altogether, it comes to a total of £83 for just half of the collection. IMG_3648

Before you click away because of the prices, lets get down to the actual review. The creams come in two: one for day, one for night. The day cream is more of a thicker consistency and the night cream is more of a tacky liquid (when you mix corn starch with water-you know that 8th grade experiment).


The concentrate comes in two-again. The first one on the right is the lotion and is used first. The one on the right it the concentrate and is used right after.


So here is how I used it: 1. Essence Lotion 2. Concentrate 3. Cream 4. SPF (for day only)

I have actually seen a difference in my skin after using this for around 3 weeks. My skin feels more light and I feel more comfortable going out with no foundation. The first time I actually used it, my skin actually cleared up a bit. I had a breakout around my cheek and after using it, it started to fade away.

Now, is it good for oily skin? GOOD NEWS IT IS! Well, for me it is. Would I say this is a life changing facial? For me, yes, because before this my skin was horrible and when I saw horrible I mean I wore foundation everyday to hide the spots. Now, I can walk out of the house without a single drop of coverage and I feel confident! My face feels bouncier and much more smoother.

I give this facial cream a 7/10 because it does do what it says it does, but the price really leaves heart broken. I basically have a love-hate relationship with this product.