Pretty in Pink!

Pink. Stereotypically a “woman’s” color. However we don’t always have to fret about being too “girly”. Pink can be interpreted in so many ways! I personally love pink, even though half my closet… Continue reading

Fab or Fad? Nars Creamy Concealer

You may already know this concealer because what ever YouTube video you watch, there is a 75% chance they will be using this concealer. Do I agree with this hype? HELL YES! Here’s… Continue reading

Fab or Fad? Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

So before you decide to purchase this highly hyped and expensive translucent powder, I have something to say. In my opinion, I barely even use this loose powder because it makes my foundation… Continue reading

My everyday makeup! 

​​ Foundation: Mac Face and Body Foundation mixed with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer  Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent powder only on my T-Zone Bronzer: Toofaced Cocoa contour (only medium bronzer) Blush: Tarte blush in… Continue reading

Follow me on my Instagram!

Yes, this is a shameless promo, but follow me on my Instagram: @teatimewithjoyce I’m just starting out so it will take time for me to post stuff! Hope you enjoy! 

Step Up Your Makeup Game!

So, once you dipped your feet into the make up world, you may or may have started a whole new obsession (I know I did). Here are my staple makeup products that I… Continue reading

Makeup Starter Kit | Perfect for a beginner

Wanna start a makeup collection, but don’t know how? When I think of a makeup starter kit, I think of easy and cheap! The following products, in my opinion, is a good base… Continue reading

Beat the Heat: Facial

It is gonna be summer soon! I’m thinking of creating a group of articles that helps you beat the heat in categories of facial, makeup and fashion! What do you guys think? Here… Continue reading

The Body Shop: The Drops of Youth Review

Ok. First of all, this product is fucking gold. They are expensive and hard to get. These goodies claim to leave you skin looking smoother, fresher and healthier. The prices are: sleeping mask… Continue reading

Benefit “The POREfessional” Matte Rescue Review

 As you know from my countless reference of my oily skin, I have oily skin. So once I saw benefits’s instagram post on the POREfessional Matte Rescue on my feed, I immediately had… Continue reading